Barb at her desk

I love decorating interiors.

To me, decorating is about telling a story in your home. About YOU. About your family. It’s about the things you love. Real things. We can start from a blank canvas or just add those little touches that make all difference. Luxury doesn’t have to be stuffy and pretentious.

It has to be tasteful and have meaning. I am interior stylist who has the credentials, the imagination and the experience to change the space you live in. I bring care and creativity to each and every project. A Fresh Approach, so to speak!

First, let’s just talk. Tell me about your project.

I’ll come to your home and together we’ll take a tour. We’ll discuss how you live, how you love to spend your time and what changes you’d like to see. I want to get to know what you’re all about and how you live in your space. Within 72 hours, I will create a detailed report complete with budget.

Everything is always up front with no surprises. This is about YOU. We can do it in stages so it’s not overwhelming or we can complete your project all at once.

We can shop together or you can leave it up to me. You can be as involved in every step as you like or there can be the ‘big reveal’ at completion.

It’s your home. I never forget that. I’ll just make it more so. And I promise it will be fun!

New Life for the Vacant Home


We have a blank canvas. Tell me how you want to live in this space. What are the comforts and colors you love? Let’s walk through and talk about each room and how your see yourself living there. I do interiors from bare walls and floors to all the little details like stocking your linens!

I handle everything from colors to furniture packages. The sky is the limit! But I always work within your budget and your timeline.

A project like this is what I love to do. I will lay it all out step by step so you are comfortable. Let’s talk. Contact me today!

New Life for the Home You Live In

Coffee Table Vignette
There comes a time when your home just feels tired. And all those old things you’ve had for years are just ‘old things’. Well maybe not. With my Fresh Approach, you’ll see them in a different light.

What about those old suitcases that have been living in the basement? They just might be the vignette for the front hall. Grandma’s fine china collecting dust but you can’t throw it out? We’ll find a modern and unique way to show them off.

Everybody has treasures but not everyone knows how to display them. On my first visit, we’ll talk about that. They’re your stories and I would love to help you tell them. Have a look at my showcase and see the transformations I have created for so many homes.

Perhaps a little paint, some new fixtures, accessories, some decluttering is all that’s needed. We can take what you have, add to it, give it a fresh new twist and you’ll love your home again. Feel free to see my décor gallery here.

Let’s talk. Contact me today!